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Large Gulet
Flas VII
Greece And Turkey

Large Gulet Sailing Turkey

Flas VII is thirty-three meters in overall length with deck space to match.
She accommodates up to twenty-four guests in ten air-conditioned cabins
each with its own bathroom. Propelled by two large German M.A.N. diesel engines
she is in spite of her size able to sail Greece and Turkey at a fast ten knots. This handsome wooden yacht is ideally equipped to accommodate church, club, corporate, and societal groups on dedicated excursions.

Large Gulet Sailing Greece
Large Gulet Sailing Turkey

Large Gulet Sailing Greece

Large Gulet Sailing Greece
Large Gulet Sailing Turkey


Ten Air-Conditioned
En-Suite Cabins
Four Double, Six Double-Plus
Large Salon
Indoor and Outdoor Dining
Midships Sun Mattresses
Quarterdeck with Awning
Separate Crew Quarters

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 2002
Year Refit: 2013
Length: 110 ft
Beam: 26 ft
Sail Area: 4,500 sq ft
Engines: (2) 440 hp MAN
Generator: 20 kva
Cruising Speed: 10 knots


VHF Radio-Telephone
Color Television w/DVD Player
Stereo Music System w/CD Player
(2) Kayaks
Snorkeling Equipment
Water Skis
Tender w/60 hp Outboard

Large Gulet Sailing Greece
Large Gulet Sailing Turkey

Large Gulet Sailing Greece

Large Gulet Sailing Turkey

A Large Five-Cabin Gulet Sailing Greece and Turkey

A Large Eight-Cabin Gulet Sailing Greece and Turkey

A Large Nine-Cabin Gulet Sailing Greece and Turkey

A Large Eleven-Cabin Gulet Sailing Greece and Turkey

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning large gulet sailing in Greece and Turkey may be obtained by clicking on the maroon links immediately above. Thank You. Given the title of this web page, you must be searching for a large yacht sailing Turkey or Greece or both. You are perhaps Large Gulet Sailing Greecedreaming of a cruise along Turkey's Lycian shore, of sailing in the wake of Britain's intrepid explorer Freya Stark. That's Ms Stark at left. Or possibly you are considering a cruise along the same coast tracing 46 BC and 32 BC routes of Cleopatra VII Philopater, last of Egypt's Ptolemy pharaohs. Or maybe you are contemplating exploration of the Turkish coast and offshore Greek islands, ducking into gulfs, bays, and coves as did Francis Beaufort (depicted below), naval officer, cartographer extraordinaire, and developer of the Beaufort Scale of wind and sea states. Alternatively it is remotely possible you wish to sail in the wake of Hassan Reis, an Ottoman sea captain and loving grandson. And it is of course possible you are looking forward to a cruise among Greek islands and along the coast of Asia Minor, hopping from Aegean island to mainland waypoint, picking up the tracks of Paul of Tarsus left in his journeys to and from Greece and from the Middle East to Rome. You may even be thinking of doing these things aboard a motor-sailing gulet, gulet the Turkish word for large motor-sailer with a rounded or squared stern as opposed to the pointed-stern caique, a gulet sufficiently large to accommodate your extraordinarily large group. Maybe your corporate family. Maybe a part of your church congregation. Even a bridge club composed of fairly bright individuals interested in broadening their horizons. You are perhaps considering a gulet because gulets mostly sail on an even keel, wind or no wind. You might therefore consider Flas VII, a teak and mahogany ketch-rigged vessel 110-feet in length, including bowsprit, unlikely to be disturbed by a summer sea. You may know that the bowsprit is where these vessels carry a dolphin striker, but you're not interested in striking dolphins; you would rather watch dolphins swim back and forth under the bow. That can be done from Flas VII's bowsprit. As a fellow-mammal you might even Large Gulet Sailing Turkeywish to swim with dolphins. If so, direct your skipper to Turkey's Gulf of Gulluk and to ancient Iasus at its head. Iasus coinage depicts a boy on a dolphin, and the dolphins are still there. From Iasus you might easily pick up those aforementioned tracks. Fluent in nine languages, Freya Stark added Turkish by reading Turkish detective novels. She came south from Cesme in 1952 through nearby Greek islands before picking up the Lycian shore. In fact, more than half of her highly readable Lycian Shore deals not with the Lycian shore but with Greek islands and the coast of ancient Caria, Lycia's neighbor to the northwest. Cleopatra also passed this way, in 46 BC en route to Rome to plead Egypt's case before the Senate. At 22 years of age she was more than sufficiently composed. In 32 BC she again came along the Lycian coast, turning north at Greek Kos headed for Ephesus. With four treasure barges. And with Marc Antony who was shortly to appear briefly at Actium. Francis Beaufort sailed by in 1811 on his way to charting the Carian and Lycian coasts as well as several nearby islands. And on his way to refining the Beaufort wind and sea scale we use today. As for Hassan Reis, better known as Hassan Barbarossa, son of Kheir-ed-Din Barbarossa and like his father to later become beylerbey of Algiers, he cruised these waters from 1535 to 1544 and again in 1571, raiding Latin Christian shipping and, in the early years, calling on his Orthodox Christian grandmother Katerina at Lesbos. Or dropping by the Bodrum Peninsula home of his father-in-law Turgut Reis, known in the west as Dragut. The Apostle Paul came this way on several missions during the first century of the Christian era and again as a prisoner en route to Rome. Let us put you aboard a crewed sailing yacht for the vacation of a lifetime. Let us put you aboard Flas VII, a charter gulet with an experienced crew able to show you these and many more wakes and tracks at the crossroads of history, including those of Hassan Barbarossa son of Hassan Barbarossa and great-grandson of Katerina who cruised these waters in 1572 and 1573. Flas VII offering a large gulet holiday sailing Greece and Turkey. Contact Charter Yachts Turkey today at